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How Does Functional Nutrition Help My Patients?

Therapy session

Functional nutrition focuses on restoring the optimal function of the body and its organs, working within systems and frameworks to resolve the root causes of the signs and symptoms of chronic disease and autoimmunity.  It highlights the importance of diet and lifestyle modification.  Patients are responsible for themselves after they leave your care and receive your recommendations, and likely lack the knowledge for how to make the changes you recommend.  Although you desire to spend more time with your patients to help them fully understand next steps, you no doubt have time pressures and are not able to fully educate and support them after they leave.  The intricate understanding for how to make meaningful change as it relates to the body systems, structures and interconnections takes time, which you are not always afforded.  Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioners partner with providers and fill the gap between appointments for you and your patient understanding the system causes, and how to change diet, life and environment changes, and habits to help them get back to health.

How we work

The Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) operates in the gap between provider and patient.  We are an interpreter of health recommendations.  We guide clients on a journey to better understand the 3 tiers of nutrition.  Mastering these tiers: Leveraging Epi-Genetics, Removing dysfunction, and building a roadmap to Optimizing health; helps clients find the unique needs of their bodies and how to reach their ideal health through diet and lifestyle modification.  We teach clients about the body systems and how health manifestations are at the end of a chain of events.  FNLP's use systems and tools to uncover root causes,  have the skills to create individual treatment plans, have the insights into the art of counseling, positively influencing clients to take action and meet goals, to boost confidence and results.

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Human digestive system model in the laboratory for education model anatomy and physiology.

A System's Approach

FNLP's teach nutrition and lifestyle modification by helping clients understand more fully the 7 body systems.  We help them hone in on the systems that need help and uncover their unique issues.  We Identify and Remove detrimental foods, chemicals and lifestyle patterns that add to dysfunction and help them Rebuild and Heal their gut and other body systems back to health.  This prepares them to be able to Restore optimal function, while teaching them how to improve daily habits and skills. It is not one size fits is one size fits one.  This takes an incredible amount of time, energy and knowledge.  We dig deep to understand what it going on in their body.  We are dedicated and we go the distance with them, walking side by side to rid the chronic disease goodbye.  We ask "why" in order to get to the root causes.  We look upstream for answers to why the symptoms are even present in the first place.  We provide root cause analysis, diet education, habit change guidance,  and look at sociological and  environmental challenges that create the terrain that exists within them.  

Understanding bio-individuality is at the core of creating optimal health for clients and is where we lean in and help close the gap.

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