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Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

Heal And Restore Your Gut Health

 Chronic Disease Resolution

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle 




A Customized  Approach

"Change your understanding of your body and food habits, and your desire to be better will be a memory of your future self."

Functional Nutrition better addresses the health needs of our society by shifting from traditional symptom management to a patient-centered approach healing the whole person.

You are not just an isolated set of symptoms or diagnosis, you are a complex web of genetics, environment, lifestyle, and food choices.  Untangling that web takes focus and frameworks.

Functional nutrition addresses the root causes of disease and helps change the way you live to influence your long-term health and wellness.

Kristen M Farmer, MBA, BSN, RN, CFNC, FNLP, CPHQ

As a registered nurse and functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, I help people relieve their debilitating autoimmune and chronic disease symptoms.  An acute care emergency nurse by background, I have spent years in the acute hospital system working to ensure quality, safety and population health.  My passion is improving people's health.  In nutrition, I work with individuals to overcome their chronic illness, auto-immunity disorders, and pain to help them live a better, more fulfilling life without the debilitating symptoms these things bring with them.  I do this utilizing frameworks and processes to capture the root causes.  Learning about the unique issues that each person has, how they live, eat and behave, can help create new paths to wellness.  We are all unique, have a unique set of circumstances, and one-size does not fit all.  At Shift Functional Nutrition, I can help restore a healthier you.

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