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Who We Serve

Each person is unique and has a unique set of problems, circumstances, history, and genetics and therefore needs to be understood as an individual.  You are not the same as someone else who is experiencing the same symptoms or diagnosis.  You each got to where you are differently and will have different paths to healing.  

Functional Nutrition provides you that path, a direction and partnership to heal.  We help you see things differently related to your signs, symptoms, choices and habits that are at the root cause of your issues when others can't.    We,


The root issues you face and help you eliminate the reasons you suffer


Replace the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and heal cells, tissues and responses that cause autoimmune disease


Optimize behaviors, diet, patterns and overall health for longevity

Who we help....

Autoimmune issues and diseases such as:

Thyroids disorders




Crohn's disease

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Menopausal weight gain and hormone issues

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Estrogen Dominance



Depressive Disorders

Gut Dysfunction

Gallbladder pain

Adrenal Fatigue

Urinary Incontinence

High Cholesterol


Chronic Infections


Multiple Sclerosis


Celiac Disease

And so many more....

"It is not enough to do your best; You must first know better what to do, then do your best."

- W. Edwards Deming

"We cannot solve our problems with the same things we used when we created them.

- Einstein

Nicolette D.-
Cancer Survivor

"I had been healthy all her life.  I loved teaching third grade, which I had been doing for 33 years. I enjoyed socializing with friends regularly and was a loyal participant at Orange Theory Fitness and Groove dance exercise classes.  But that all changed.  In January of 2022, I tested positive for covid-19.  At first I didn’t feel all that sick, but in the months that followed I became increasingly fatigued. It got to a point where I was sleeping all the time, was forgetting things and was barely eating.  I was no longer engaging in life, was malnourished and had to take a leave from teaching.  The doctors continued to tell me this was the effect of long covid and to give it time.  Well….it wasn’t!


In March of 2022, after barely being able to function any longer, I was taken to the emergency room and diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized to my brain.  It was indeed a dire diagnosis, and the prognosis was just as grim.  While in the hospital , numerous doctors stated if I hadn’t come in when I did, I wouldn’t have made it another 48 hours.


After leaving the hospital, I began working with Kristen on the nutrition and supplements that would support my healing.  Kristen also suggested teas and other supportive measures when I was nauseous from chemotherapy.  I faithfully followed the recommendations and each scan showed diminished size.  She was so encouraged by the progress and started feeling so much stronger.   I attributes my success to following the nutrition recommendations from Kristen, my oncology team who helped me through radiation and prescribed an effective chemotherapy, and my unwavering faith in God and all He can accomplish. I continues to work with Kristen and follow her recommendations and I encourage anyone facing a medical challenge to add the help of functional nutrition to their care routine.”



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