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  • In depth assessments to understand your history

  • A Health timeline to understand what is affecting your health

  • Hormone, Food, Lifestyle, Sleep assessments to narrow in on root issues

  • A Functional Matrix that identifies your problems front and center

  • Weekly coaching calls to ensure no missed steps

  • A tailored approach and plan that addresses your uniqueness

  • Education, tools and food guidance that is meant for you only

  • Undeniable results that help you live happy and healthy


What to Expect...

Next Steps...

  • Book a consultation call to better understand what you are dealing with

  • Talk about what is keeping you from succeeding

  • Define your goals

  • Listen to the proven way that functional nutrition helps with autoimmunity

  • Decide to approach things differently this time so you get results that last

Kerri G-
From hiding to happy!

"I spent years trying to overcome the challenges of brain fog, exhaustion, weight gain, fluctuation in my mood, massive anxiety, digestion issues, (example, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, upset, stomach), poor quality of sleep, lack of appetite, high blood pressure, elevated glucose and questionable sanity.

I was doing daily cardio with some low impact body movement, counting, macros, eating foods that were recommended by a dietitian, and at one point I tried prescription medication’s, which I was not a fan of considering all of the side effects that they came with seemingly failing every time I ate food, slept, got on a scale or had a doctors appointment being told everything pointing back to my weight gain, asking why do I have this gain with all that I am doing? What is causing this?  I felt like I was on a roller coaster with no end.

I felt defeated nearly every day, feeling exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally.
This took a toll on my life for the better part of my 40s consistently for about five years I was certain there was something better I just did not know what. 
Kristen was recommended to me by my chiropractor.

After working with Kristen for a short time, I felt a shift in the way I looked at nutrition, and after sometime I could feel my body/my gut health change my focus, anxiety, acid reflux, stool were more consistent, and for the good I had hoped.

Kristen LISTENS, she works with YOU for YOU as AN INDIVIDUAL for the simple reason that we all function differently and have different ways to meet the needs of the way our bodies function.
I refer to it as customized healthcare, the golden nugget.

In my experience, my results lead to an elimination of trigger foods, improving deficiencies, balancing gut health, hormones, glucose, and treating a sleep disorder. I didn’t know I had.  All this has lead to significant improvement in test results and the big bonus is an improvement in my daily life.

I have learned to nourish my body, gut and mind as they are all connected in a way that works the best for my functional needs and that has been life-changing. I feel confident that I have the knowledge & tools to move forward and know I am doing the best for my health & that I am no longer on a never ending roller coaster!"

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