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A Pound of Veggies a Day!

Holy Cow, a pound of veggies seems like a lot!

In all reality, a pound of veggies is merely 16 oz, or about 3 cups of chopped vegetables. 16 oz really isn't that much. It's less than the 20 oz bottle you may be drinking or the big bowl of cereal you consume. But why is it so hard to consume vegetables then?

Well, we are a society of people who love our convenience. And food, processed food that is, has become very convenient. There are lots of processed foods everywhere. We also are on the go more. (Maybe not during covid, but things they are a picking up again!) And, being on the go means we are likely eating junk food, gas station food, fried foods at restaurants, etc. There aren't many whole vegetables at "convenience" stores. And let's be honest, people are just busy.

And even if you aren't eating junk food, convenience store food or fast food, vegetables take time, thought and a little bit of energy to have on hand to prepare. In any case, a pound of vegetables does a lot of great things for you.

  • increases fiber content

  • makes you feel full from healthy food

  • improves your vitamin and mineral intake

  • reduces your bad calories

  • reduces overall bad salt content

  • reduces toxins, chemicals and bad oils (staying away from the dirty dozen by eating organic)

If you aren't eating at least 2 cups of veggies a day, start by trying to just add a veggie at lunch and a veggie at dinner. Then work your way up to 2-3 cups per day. That may mean stopping at the grocery store more than once a week so you have fresh vegetables. Or you can buy fresh frozen organic vegetables to always have on hand. But do yourself a favor and eat more vegetables.

You will feel better, look better and live better. If you need help with how to sustain these habits or understand why you are struggling to begin with, that's where functional nutritionists come in. We can help you with your habits, understanding food choices and helping you heal from whatever you are dealing with. Connect now to feel better, but start eating those veggies!

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