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5 Easy Food Changes to Start Today

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Start new habits with healthy foods to keep you on track!

Do you struggle with making good decisions about food? You aren't alone and the food industry is no friend to you. The U.S. food industry packs food with sugar and chemicals that ruin your gut microbiome, tear apart your gut lining and create havoc in your immune and nervous systems.

Want to feel better, sleep better, move better and just all around have a better life? Habits help you do this. Start with just one but start....

Sometimes starting a new habit is the hardest part. What are you afraid of? Failing? Are you happy and feeling great now? Then maybe you are failing now and starting a new habit is exactly what you need. Keep reading for 5 easy things to consider changing for a healthier you today.

East More Plant Based Foods

Making a change to adding more plant-based foods is easy. Start by eating a small salad prior to your main meal. It will add greens and veggies and begin to fill you up. Fill your plate with mostly non-starchy vegetables and eat these first. Remember to chew your food fully and slowly so your brain begins to acknowledge that your belly is filling up. This will help you eat less food and recognize you are full.

Add Healthy Nuts and Seeds

Instead of grabbing for chips or candy, grab some nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds have important fats that your body and brain require to function well. Try some almonds, walnuts, sunflower hearts or chia seeds in your salads or as a snack on the go. Pair them with your carbohydrates so you can control blood sugar levels.

Eat Omega-3 Fatty Fish Like Salmon

Omega-3's are essential fatty acids that have heart related benefits like lowering cholesterol and strengthening your heart. Salmon contains high amounts of proteins and good cholesterol that your body needs. It is high in calcium, iron and selenium that support bones, blood and your thyroid. It also helps prevent cancer.

Eat Organic Grass Fed Lean Meats

Grain-fed, non-organic meats are a poor choice for health. The grains that are fed to these animals contain gluten and chemicals the animal consumes and then so do you. Organic grass-fed lean meats contain B-vitamins, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Grass fed beef, in particular, has lower levels of bad saturated fats. Grass fed beef also contains omega-3's that fight disease. Other lean organic meats like chicken and turkey also provide low fat options with numerous vitamins and minerals.

Remove Food Items with Processed Sugar

Refined white sugar is just plain not good for you. It is actually addictive and works on the receptors in your brain the same way cocaine does. In fact, in some studies it has been found to be more addictive. Yuck! Read the labels of the products you buy in the market and stay away from anything with "added" sugar. By doing this you will reduce the after-meal crash, reduce joint pain and have more energy overall because your blood sugar levels will remain more consistent.

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