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Why diets don't work long term

Diets are temporary. At least that is the mindset of most people.

People typically change their food and their ways temporarily until they see the results they want and then they fall right back into old habits. They think of diets as a means to an end. They think that a diet is something in a box that has a finite time frame to it.

Listen, that doesn't work. I want to be able to tell that you that it does, but it doesn't.

See, our bodies are very complex and very, very smart. And they actually do want to be healthy. But here is the problem.

We keep throwing our bodies into a tailspin.

We bombard it with chemicals and toxins and poor food and lifestyle choices, day in an day out. This creates a decision for the body.

Either let those toxins consume me and kill me, or do everything in my power to protect myself from them.

Enter...… drumroll please..... fat, sickness, headaches, aches and pains and so many other things that we can't ever seem to get rid of.

And temporary dieting will not get rid of all those toxins and chemicals that our body is storing in fat cells.

And, in a way, we should be thankful that it does store them, otherwise we would meet our demise much faster.

Ask yourself, Why are you dieting?

If you are throwing any diet, Keto, DASH, Atkins, Low-Fat, Vegan, anti-inflammatory or others, you likely don't even know what you are trying to fix. And there is always something to fix and that is not your weight.

Your weight is a downstream symptom to an upstream problem.

Remember, your fat is only protecting you from something and likely don't even know what that is. So throwing any old diet at it just isn't going to work long term.

The real reason you are sick and fat is buried deep.

Functional nutrition finds what is wrong and fixes it.

Functional nutrition is a modality that helps identify systemic issues going on in someone’s body,

It supports root cause analysis to dig deep to understand the real reason someone is dealing with chronic symptoms, and to educate on how to resolve these issues through diet and lifestyle modifications and changes that will have lasting effects, not only on their health but their well-being.

Functional nutrition changes things for good.

So if you want to keep throwing diets at a problem you aren't really sure what it is, don't be surprised if it doesn't work.

Or you can dig in deep and find what is really plaguing you and fix it.

If you need help figuring it out, I can help. Connect with me below and let's get on the phone and start fixing it today!

If not you can look up any old diet and see if that works for you. Just not sure what you are trying to fix and if you will be able to long term.

In Good Health!

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